World of Warcraft Arms Warrior Leveling Build

I know you Warriors. You’re not here for the Smalltalk. Just like you want to rush into battle unexpectedly, you undoubtedly want to just get down to the chase of this Warrior Build. Very well, here’s the Arms Warrior Leveling Build you’ve been waiting for.

When beginning, be sure to pick up Improved Rend and Improved Heroic Strike before anything else. For those of you old-school Warriors, Rend is actually good now. That’s right. In fact, it’s one of your most efficient damage spells. It gives an incredible ratio of damage per rage point. It’s also useful for keeping people from being stealthed! Improved Heroic Strike is your only reliable melee attack that you can spam at this point, so get Improved Heroic Strike to make it cheaper. Improved Charge will give you a boost in Rage at the beginning of the battle, allowing more opportunities to take down mobs quicker.

Impale is a great talent to get just because you get to take Deep Wounds after you get it. Deep Wounds acts like a second rent. It’s essentially a free, highly efficient DoT effect that happens when you crit, which is always nice. Since Overpower does a lot of damage, and it’s cheap, Taste for Blood is worth taking. Anger Management gets you a bit more rage as it stops rage from declining so quickly. This is especially useful during long fights, which you’ll definitely have.

A weapon specialization is key. Any of them will work. It just depends on what you need at the time. I would urge you to examine what would help you out the most when leveling and choose that one. If you’ve already got a high crit, maybe you want Sword Specialization, who knows. Keep in mind though, that crits trigger Deep Wounds. You may want to take a specialization that helps you critically strike.

Improved Slam makes Slam usable. Without Improved Slam, the move is basically useless since you have the Cast time behind it. Don’t use Slam unless you get improved Slam. Slam is preferable to Heroic Strike at times because it’s cheaper.

Piercing Howl is a must while leveling. I know that it’s in the Fury Tree, but it’s advised to get it as soon as you can. After you’ve got all of your Arms talents, head to Fury and grab Piercing Howl. Warriors don’t have many pure control abilities and this gives you a little more freedom than usual.

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