World of Warcraft Arms Warrior Leveling Build

I know you Warriors. You’re not here for the Smalltalk. Just like you want to rush into battle unexpectedly, you undoubtedly want to just get down to the chase of this Warrior Build. Very well, here’s the Arms Warrior Leveling Build you’ve been waiting for.

When beginning, be sure to pick up Improved Rend and Improved Heroic Strike before anything else. For those of you old-school Warriors, Rend is actually good now. That’s right. In fact, it’s one of your most efficient damage spells. It gives an incredible ratio of damage per rage point. It’s also useful for keeping people from being stealthed! Improved Heroic Strike is your only reliable melee attack that you can spam at this point, so get Improved Heroic Strike to make it cheaper. Improved Charge will give you a boost in Rage at the beginning of the battle, allowing more opportunities to take down mobs quicker.

Impale is a great talent to get just because you get to take Deep Wounds after you get it. Deep Wounds acts like a second rent. It’s essentially a free, highly efficient DoT effect that happens when you crit, which is always nice. Since Overpower does a lot of damage, and it’s cheap, Taste for Blood is worth taking. Anger Management gets you a bit more rage as it stops rage from declining so quickly. This is especially useful during long fights, which you’ll definitely have.

A weapon specialization is key. Any of them will work. It just depends on what you need at the time. I would urge you to examine what would help you out the most when leveling and choose that one. If you’ve already got a high crit, maybe you want Sword Specialization, who knows. Keep in mind though, that crits trigger Deep Wounds. You may want to take a specialization that helps you critically strike.

Improved Slam makes Slam usable. Without Improved Slam, the move is basically useless since you have the Cast time behind it. Don’t use Slam unless you get improved Slam. Slam is preferable to Heroic Strike at times because it’s cheaper.

Piercing Howl is a must while leveling. I know that it’s in the Fury Tree, but it’s advised to get it as soon as you can. After you’ve got all of your Arms talents, head to Fury and grab Piercing Howl. Warriors don’t have many pure control abilities and this gives you a little more freedom than usual.

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Beginner’s Guild to Starting a Guild: World of Warcraft

So you’ve been from guild to guild and just can’t find one that’ll suit you. Why not make your own guild?
I have been in a total of 4 other guilds, and none of them were quite what I was looking for. I decided to start another guild with a few buddies of mine. Other friends of mine were skeptical, they thought I could never really create a guild people would want to join, not to mention one that could raid and defeat bosses like other top raid guilds. Well, I did. But of course I didn’t do it solely alone. Here are a few things to help start your guild up.

Remember, your guild name may have an influence on what others think.

After you name your guild, besides just going to the NPC to create a guild, and finding random people to sign your charter here are other steps.

Make In-Game Contacts – Hopefully by now you have made friends in this game. Get them in on the new guild. Tell them about it before you create it to see if they are interested. If you have people you trust in the game, you can all ready have a couple officers set up right away to start. One of the best way to make contacts in the game is to help people when they ask, (and I don’t mean giving beggars gold) and Pugging (pick up groups) of people you never met. If the run is a success, many times people want to befriend you on their friend’s list.

Create a website – This will help other members connect through forums, sign up for runs, raids, and allow others to apply. If you aren’t sure if your guild is going to work out and you don’t want to take any chances, or if you just don’t want to spend money on it, I suggest guildportal or guildlaunch. My guild uses Guildlaunch because it allows you to have a simple URL that people can remember that you choose.

Advertise Your Guild – In my opinion one of the worse ways to advertise your guild is through yell, say, trade, or general chat. You can do this in the /guildrecruitment channel without having people upset at your spamming channels it is not used for. Another great way to promote your guild is again, making more friends in the game through runs and questing, but also through the World of Warcraft Forums. You can post about your guild in your server forum section of the Guild Recruitment section.

Start up Ventrilo or Teamspeak – This is essential if you want to be a PVP or a Raiding guild. This does cost money, but you can start for as little as a couple of dollars for a small 12 man server. Some of your officers may even volunteer to set up the server.

Make Guild Rules – Make rules that you will keep enforced and make others read before inviting them into the guild. Make sure you don’t leave anything important out, but also do not create a wall of text of rules.

Now that you have basically everything you need to set it up…here are a few things to also remember.

If you are a raiding guild, requiring KLH Threat Meter and Deadly Boss Mods is essential. I am a destruction warlock with 26% chance to crit. That threat meter is vital or I have the main tank yelling at me and the healers losing all their mana keeping me up. smiles

After you have members, now what?

Well one way to keep members is to (as a guild master) talk to all of them, and make them feel like they weren’t just here to be another number or a spot filler. Remove any trouble makers early on. I learned this the hard way. I kept people in my guild I thought would stop creating drama after I had spoken to them, and I ended up losing good people because of the bad eggs.

Have events going, whether that is doing runs together, pvping, or contests. The more you keep everyone involved, the more friendships will build and harder it will be for people to leave.

Keep drama down, and fighting out of guild chat. It is sometimes easier said than done, but even a little drama will turn members away.

Essentially you cannot force people to stay, and even guilds that do everything basically right, people will still leave you for another guild. It could be for a reason as simple as they don’t play the same time everyone else does.

And remember to pick your officers carefully. They can make or break your guild, even if they are real life friends.

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RuneScape 99 Fletching Guide

Fletching is used to create many different variaties of ranged equipment. Camping at a bank and training this skill is also very common. You can choose any bank to train at but i recommend Varrock west bank for people to talk to and the g.e. to buy supplies quickly when you run out of them. I also recommend using a stealing creation knife for this but its not really nessesary until lvl 55.

Arrow shafts, You will need 462 logs and a knife.

Arrow shafts-5xp each


Long bow (u), You will need 1,240 logs and a knife.

Long bow (u)- 10xp each


Oak long bow (u), You will need 1,176 Oak logs and a knife.

Oak long bow (u)- 25xp each


Willow long bow (u), You will need 3,120 Willow logs and a knife.

Willow long bow (u)- 41.5xp each


The cheapest yet still kinda fast way to 99:

Maple long bow (u), I strongly recomend using stealing creation knives for this, and they are really easy to get if you join a non combat stealing creation clan. Each knife costs 20 points. From lvl 55 to 99 you will need to make 110,455 Maple long bow (u)s. And each sc knife will last up to around 94,000 xp . You will probly make a profit this way too.

Maple long bow (u)- 116.5 xp each (with sc knife)

The fastest way to 99 Fletching from lvl 55. Still using a sc knife but this way costs alot more.


Maple long bow (u)- make these with a knife until lvl 70. You will need to make about 9,796 of them.

Maple long bow (u)- 116.5 xp each (with sc knife)


Yew long bow (u)- You will need to make 16,807 of them.

Yew Long bow (u)- 150 xp each (with sc knife)


Now is another fork in the road. Choice one is to continue making Yew long bow (u)s wich is slightly costly. And choice two is that you can make Magic long bow (u)s but these are a huge loss.

Choice one- make another 32,857 Yew long bow (u)s

Choice two- make 26,710 magic long bow (u)s for 183 xp each (with sc knife)

Now that you have 99 you can go to Catherby and buy yourself a skillcape for 99k from the range store.


-If this is your first 99 then the cape will be untrimmed

-If this is your second 99 then all your skillcapes will be permanently trimmed forever

-While wearing your skillcape you can choose to opperate it and it will boost your Fletching lvl to 100

Advice for Running a Living Forgotten Realms Game Day

For more than a decade, Wizards of the Coast has promoted its Dungeons amp; Dragons product line with networked play opportunities via the Roleplaying Gamer’s Association. When fourth-edition D D; was introduced in 2008, the RPGA ceased running the popular Living Greyhawk campaign and replaced it with the new Living Forgotten Realms campaign. Due to a new structure, looser campaign rules, and the success of the fourth-edition product, the new campaign has proven to be more popular than the previous one.
If you are a fan of fourth-edition D D;, an LFR game day is a great way to promote your hobby and enjoy the game. An LFR Game Day is simply a one time event where multiple LFR adventures are scheduled to be run and played by anyone who would like, in a public setting. It is akin to a miniature convention, though usually with very low or even no fees and much more limited seating.

In order to run an LFR Game Day, you need to be a member of the RPGA. In addition, all participants in the event need to also be RPGA members. Conveniently, membership in the RPGA is free for life and the RPGA allows participants to join at the first game they participate in. In fact, the only complication is that you need to contact the RPGA in advance and request membership forms and it will often take 1-2 months for the forms to arrive by mail.

As a coordinator for an LFR Game Day, you have three major responsibilities: scheduling the event, finding people to run the adventures, and acquiring a suitable location. The first responsibility is the easiest to fulfill. To schedule the event, you need to simply log into your RPGA account at and indicate when and where the event will be held and what adventures will be run.

Finding people to run adventures can be more difficult. Many RPGA members are not comfortable running adventures or do not enjoy running adventures. Still, about 20% of the membership consistently and actively runs games. You should speak with local members and advertise for assistance. Assuming you can find enough assistance, many members will be running to run one adventure with a promise that they can play in at least one other. It is usually best to get confirmation of assistance before scheduling the event.

Finally, you need a location. This is the most difficult part of the process. If there is a local game store that is part of the Wizard’s Play Network (WPN), you may be able to get assistance with location. Stores affiliated with the WPN gain benefits for running RPGA events and will usually provide space free of charge in return for the expected additional patronage and the rewards from Wizards of the Coast. If this option is not available, you should speak with local libraries or universities. An LFR Game Day needs to be in a public place, so your living room is not acceptable.

When all of your responsibilities are complete, you should be able to enjoy your event. In order for it to be most successful, you should probably advertise with flyers or on local electronic bulletin boards. Also, you may want to see if you can work out one day bargains with local quick food establishments for participants at the event. If you are really lucky, you may even receive some form of sponsorship. Whether or not you commit to this kind of extra effort, an LFR Game Day is a great way to meet new people who enjoy a similar hobby and will generally prove to be enjoyable for little effort and equally little cost.

Is Tibia a Game Worth Playing?

You may have heard about the massively played online role playing game called Tibia. I have about two years totaled into this game. It is a medieval based game where you can fight monsters or other people with swords, axes, spears, or magic. This is by far, my favorite game on the internet.

You start in a place called Rookgard, where you play until you are level 8. Once you get level 8, you can talk to the oracle and choose your vocation. The vocation choices are Druid, Knight, Paladin, or Sorcerer. Being a fan of magic and team playing, I have always chosen to be a druid on all my characters.

As a druid you can learn to heal yourself and others, which makes you a very nice luxury to any hunting party. Of course you can still attack with your magical rod, but it doesn’t do nearly as much damage as a paladin or a knight.

The game is free to play or you can become a premium character if you choose to. The prices of premium are listed on the game’s website at: I think the mere price of premium would be worth up to double what it costs if you’re a hardcore tibia addict. It opens up new parts of the world and allows you to buy a house.

A house is a necessity on Tibia because it allows you to save all of your trophies from quests and dungeons. It is also a god way to store extra food and money so you don’t have excess weight with you all the time. Rent must be paid on the house once a month and it is done so with in game money.

The economy in this game is based upon low numbers of gold. Most games to be played online have a bad economy that is constantly getting worse due to members being able to charge what they want. A perfect example of that is Perfect World where it now costs millions of dollars in their currency to buy special armor and outfits.

The cons to the Tibia game are that the graphics aren’t quite as developed as most other MMORPGs online. It has a bird’s eye view camera angle and a pixelated kind of view to it. The game runs on a 24 hour clock based in a European country where the game was made. Overall I would give this game an 8.5 out of 10, only because the graphics or there lack of, and the last time I played it there was no sound in the game what so ever. These may have been updated since I last played two months ago, but I doubt it.

This game gets the 8.5 while lacking graphics and sound because it is a basic game where you do whatever you want. There aren’t a lot of people in the game so nothing to really work around, but it is more addicting than Runescape or Perfect World, by far.