RuneScape 99 Fletching Guide

Fletching is used to create many different variaties of ranged equipment. Camping at a bank and training this skill is also very common. You can choose any bank to train at but i recommend Varrock west bank for people to talk to and the g.e. to buy supplies quickly when you run out of them. I also recommend using a stealing creation knife for this but its not really nessesary until lvl 55.

Arrow shafts, You will need 462 logs and a knife.

Arrow shafts-5xp each


Long bow (u), You will need 1,240 logs and a knife.

Long bow (u)- 10xp each


Oak long bow (u), You will need 1,176 Oak logs and a knife.

Oak long bow (u)- 25xp each


Willow long bow (u), You will need 3,120 Willow logs and a knife.

Willow long bow (u)- 41.5xp each


The cheapest yet still kinda fast way to 99:

Maple long bow (u), I strongly recomend using stealing creation knives for this, and they are really easy to get if you join a non combat stealing creation clan. Each knife costs 20 points. From lvl 55 to 99 you will need to make 110,455 Maple long bow (u)s. And each sc knife will last up to around 94,000 xp . You will probly make a profit this way too.

Maple long bow (u)- 116.5 xp each (with sc knife)

The fastest way to 99 Fletching from lvl 55. Still using a sc knife but this way costs alot more.


Maple long bow (u)- make these with a knife until lvl 70. You will need to make about 9,796 of them.

Maple long bow (u)- 116.5 xp each (with sc knife)


Yew long bow (u)- You will need to make 16,807 of them.

Yew Long bow (u)- 150 xp each (with sc knife)


Now is another fork in the road. Choice one is to continue making Yew long bow (u)s wich is slightly costly. And choice two is that you can make Magic long bow (u)s but these are a huge loss.

Choice one- make another 32,857 Yew long bow (u)s

Choice two- make 26,710 magic long bow (u)s for 183 xp each (with sc knife)

Now that you have 99 you can go to Catherby and buy yourself a skillcape for 99k from the range store.


-If this is your first 99 then the cape will be untrimmed

-If this is your second 99 then all your skillcapes will be permanently trimmed forever

-While wearing your skillcape you can choose to opperate it and it will boost your Fletching lvl to 100