Is Tibia a Game Worth Playing?

You may have heard about the massively played online role playing game called Tibia. I have about two years totaled into this game. It is a medieval based game where you can fight monsters or other people with swords, axes, spears, or magic. This is by far, my favorite game on the internet.

You start in a place called Rookgard, where you play until you are level 8. Once you get level 8, you can talk to the oracle and choose your vocation. The vocation choices are Druid, Knight, Paladin, or Sorcerer. Being a fan of magic and team playing, I have always chosen to be a druid on all my characters.

As a druid you can learn to heal yourself and others, which makes you a very nice luxury to any hunting party. Of course you can still attack with your magical rod, but it doesn’t do nearly as much damage as a paladin or a knight.

The game is free to play or you can become a premium character if you choose to. The prices of premium are listed on the game’s website at: I think the mere price of premium would be worth up to double what it costs if you’re a hardcore tibia addict. It opens up new parts of the world and allows you to buy a house.

A house is a necessity on Tibia because it allows you to save all of your trophies from quests and dungeons. It is also a god way to store extra food and money so you don’t have excess weight with you all the time. Rent must be paid on the house once a month and it is done so with in game money.

The economy in this game is based upon low numbers of gold. Most games to be played online have a bad economy that is constantly getting worse due to members being able to charge what they want. A perfect example of that is Perfect World where it now costs millions of dollars in their currency to buy special armor and outfits.

The cons to the Tibia game are that the graphics aren’t quite as developed as most other MMORPGs online. It has a bird’s eye view camera angle and a pixelated kind of view to it. The game runs on a 24 hour clock based in a European country where the game was made. Overall I would give this game an 8.5 out of 10, only because the graphics or there lack of, and the last time I played it there was no sound in the game what so ever. These may have been updated since I last played two months ago, but I doubt it.

This game gets the 8.5 while lacking graphics and sound because it is a basic game where you do whatever you want. There aren’t a lot of people in the game so nothing to really work around, but it is more addicting than Runescape or Perfect World, by far.