World of Warcraft Shadowlands Mining Guide


Mining is a profession that allows you to locate and mine various Ores, Raw Gems, and Stones from resource nodes and certain mobs (Ore Skinning) that are scattered across the World of Warcraft platform. Being one of the most efficient primary skills, the materials obtained from mining and the items that can be created by miners are reagents that are required for recipes within the other professions. The following quite will show you the fastest way to train your Shadowlands Mining profession from levels 1 to 150.

About Mining

Miners locate valuable ores and extract them from the surface of the earth with the help of their pickaxes. Since they’re familiar with the lands, it gives them a strong notion about where the rich veins of metals, silver, or WoW Burning Crusade Classic Gold can be found. Thus, allowing them to retrieve it and smelt the minerals to gain profit, or alternatively, use them for metalworking. Miners can easily spot out the mineral veins on their mini-maps by using the Find Minerals ability, allowing them to quickly gather the veins by simply right-clicking on them. Miners are required to have a pickaxe to break the stones apart and retrieve the minerals present in them (valuable ores), and if they’re looking to smelt those ores, they are required to visit a nearby forge.

Shadowlands Mining Trainers

You can learn Shadowlands Mining from the NPC named Excavationist Au’fer, a wow mining trainer, who is located at the Hall of Shapes, in Oribos. To be more precise, you can head to the coordinates; 39.6 & 33.2. Oribos, also known as the Shadowland city hub for both for wow mining trainer; Alliance and Horde Faction, is the area where you arrive after finishing the Shadowlands introduction quests.

How to speed up the levelling process?

One of the most annoying scenarios in the World of Warcraft is getting Dazed for this shadowlands mining guide. Most of the mobs in the game have the ability and chance to daze you when they’re attacking you from behind for this wow mining guide. So, if you are of the Tanking specialization, you can switch to that while farming ores. The reason is that Tanks are immune to daze, so the chances to get dismounted are none. Alternatively for this wow mining guide, equipping a Comfortable Rider’s Barding will prevent you from being dazed when you are mounted. The Barding must be equipped in your mount equipment slot. When you are mounted, you can’t gather in the travelling form if you are of the Druid class.

You can choose to enchant your gloves with Enchant Gloves for this shadowlands mining guide: Shadowlands Gathering, as it increases the gathering speed in the Shadowland zones (it works with Herbalism and Skinning too). The mentioned enchant brings down the gathering time from 3.2 seconds to 1.7 seconds.

Shadowlands Mining: Levels 1 to 150

The following places that are listed in this section are the areas where you can level up your ‘Mining’ in the quickest way possible. However, there are also other zones too that can be considered, as every ore in the Shadowlands provides skill points to max out the profession. The alternate routes are; Laestrite Ore farming, Solenium Ore farming, Oxxein Ore farming, Phaedrum Ore farming, Sinvyr Ore farming, and Elethium Ore farming.

Bastion is the area with the most ores, so it’s recommended that you follow the routes shown in the picture to swiftly level up your Shadowlands Mining profession. Along these routes, you will encounter many hostile mobs, but the plus point is that even though you’re a low-level character with bad equipment, you can still survive and train via these routes.

(Route #1)

(Route #2)

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